AEON Group in the medium-term strategy (2014-2016) has set out the general strategy of the whole group is "Asia shift", with the increase of activities in the ASEAN region and China. In Vietnam, ACS Vietnam Trading Co., Ltd. - a subsidiary of AEON Group specializing in installment sales, has been operating since 2008. Ministop Company with Ministop convenience store chain also started to operate its business since 2011, up to now, it has developed 17 stores. Similar to AEON Mall Tan Phu Celadon opened in early January 2014 - marking AEON Group's strong step into the Vietnamese market, AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary is also a type one-stop shopping mall with many amusement parks, services, restaurants, etc., contributes to giving local people the opportunity to experience new values and lifestyles.

AEON Group will continue to promote the strategy of "moving to Asia", actively deploying Shopping Mall as well as General Merchandise Store (GMS), in coordination with types of services, finance, specialty stores etc. of the Group for long-term development in Vietnam, contributing to improving the quality of life of local people.

Opening AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary on November 1, 2014
(Photo of AEON Binh Duong Canary Shopping Center)

Characteristics of AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary

  • – Total number of tenant stalls: 150 stalls, with 40 stalls from Japanese brands, including 18 stalls appeared in Vietnam for the first time.
  • – More than 60 restaurants with a full range of dishes from different countries create the largest complex cuisine area in Vietnam.
  • – The "JAPAN ZONE" offers a variety of items originating from Japan, from trendy fashion products, essential products for daily life to diverse cuisine spaces serving many familiar popular Japanese dishes.
  • – Types of high-quality services such as Japanese-style Hair Institute, Fitness Gym, entertainment area, laundry area, etc...
  • – 3 internal event areas are where weekly events are often held. In addition, the area outside AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary is decorated with a 13m high Christmas tree with sparkling 5 color changing lights with music.

Characteristics of AEON General Merchandise Store (GMS)

  • – AEON cuisine area "Delica World" with the form of "Open Kitchen" is full of lively and intimate, serving the needs of customers to enjoy the cuisine; offers a full range of dishes, from typical Japanese dishes to favorite Vietnamese dishes
  • – The "Beauty World" area with brands appearing for the first time in Vietnam offers interesting suggestions for customers who have demand for products of fashion, cosmetics, jewelry and accessories.
  • – The “Kids Republic” area for kids and children, with an area of 3,000m2, one of the largest in the region, in conjunction with the “Molly Fantasy” indoor play area is operated by a subsidiary of the group.
  • – Promotional item area: Coordinate with local suppliers to organize weekly promotional events, closely link to social events throughout the year.

About the location of AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary

  • – 15km north of Ho Chi Minh City, AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary is located next to Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP), with a population of nearly 800,000 people within a radius of 20 minutes by motorbike. In addition, the Mall is also located in the high-class residential area "Canary Complex" with various types of offices, restaurants and international schools around, contributing to attracting more residents to live in the future.
  • – AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary consists of 2 floors and one ground floor, with a total floor area of 70,000m2, among the largest in the area; and the parking's capacity of 6,000 motorbikes and 1,000 cars. Inside the Mall, there are AEON General Merchandise Store (GMS) and about 150 tenant stalls, ready to provide customers space to shop, experience new services and products, contribute to further improving the quality of life of the customer.
About the location of AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary

Characteristics of the floors – AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary

  1. Ground Floor “Urban City Life”

    Ground Floor “Urban City Life”

    Some typical tenants:

    • – F.O.S, Giordano, The Blues, Labella
    • – Rosebullet Edit Tokyo is present in Vietnam for the first time
    • – JAPAN ZONE: including Japan Selection store, DAISO one-price store
    • – Phuc Long Coffee & Tea Cafe, Highlands Coffee, Texas Chicken, Lotteria, Carl’s Jr., Jollibee
  2. The 1st Floor “Joyfull Experience

    The 1st Floor “Joyfull Experience

    Some typical tenants:

    • – Dream Games (Game Center + Bowling), Play Time
    • – Hura Kids, Children Smile, PINKISS, K&K Toys, My Kingdom, Funny Land
    • – Fitness Gym center “RENAISSANCE”, Raffine, Mano Mano, Belle Lumiere, SAKURA CLEANING
  3. The 2nd Floor “Glo-cal Food Market”

    The 2nd Floor “Glo-cal Food Market”

    Some typical stalls:

    • – CGV cinema complex
    • – MARUKAME UDON, Misoya Ramen, Nijyumaru, Shabu-Shabu Japan, Con Ga Trong, Kichi Kichi, MK Restaurant

Characteristics of the floors – AEON General Merchandise Store (AEON GMS)

AEON General Merchandise Store (AEON GMS) has an area of 17,000 square meters and belongs to the largest in Vietnam, including a supermarket that provides food and daily necessities, area of clothing, fashion for all ages, and an area of household goods that recommends new style for customers.

With the motto "high quality products", "safe and reliable food", "proposing a new lifestyle", AEON focuses on providing customers with comfort and convenience in shopping for customers through types of service, facilities, employee attitude, etc., contributing to further improving the quality of life of local customers.

  1. Ground floor
    • – With an area of 3,000 m2, the supermarket area provides daily essential products such as fresh food, technology food, consumer goods, ... with more than 12,000 items. Cuisine area "Delica World" with open kitchen space, provides a full range of dishes, to meet the dining needs of customers. There is also a "AEON Wellness" area dedicated to providing health and beauty care products (H&BC), serving the growing needs of people. There is also a stall of "AEON Bicycle" specializing in providing high-quality bicycles, customer service counters, delivery counters, increasing convenience for customers.
    • – At the Sushi stall, customers can enjoy more than 100 different types of Sushi prepared to suit the taste of local people.
    • – For the first time, AEON launched AEON's own coffee stall, allowing customers to enjoy hot coffee with other dishes in the 150-seat dining area.
    • – At the “Salad Bar”, there are more than 30 types of clean vegetables carefully selected from supplies in Da Lat, along with some vegetable products grown according to Japanese techniques that will bring customers new tastes.
    • Ground floor – General Merchandise Store
    • – In the fresh product area, in addition to traditional Vietnamese products, there are also selected items from Japan such as Japanese Sama fish, Japanese beef "Wagyu", enriching customers' daily menus.
    • – In the "Imported Goods" area, there are nearly 600 products imported from neighboring countries, including nearly 100 high-quality and reasonably priced products under the brand "TopValu" developed by AEON itself.
  2. The 1st floor
    • – The first floor of AEON general merchandise store is full of fashion items, jewelry, shoes, bags, etc. with stalls designed to help customers easily choose and coordinate products according to their preferences. In particular, brands such as "Osewaya" and "Honeys" from Japan, "NaRaYa" from Thailand, being present in Vietnam for the first time, will bring to customers interesting and unique products.
    • The 1st floor – General Merchandise Store
    • In addition, there are also products under the brand “Scallet” - a very successful brand of AEON in Malaysia, which will also increase customers' choice with everything from underwear to office clothing.
    • The 1st floor – General Merchandise Store
  3. The 2nd Floor
    • – "Kids Republic" has an area of nearly 3000m2 with a full range of children's products, creating a unique AEON style area with the "Molly Fantacy" game area located inside. There are also brands from Japan that are popular with children around the world such as Hello Kitty, Pokemon that first appeared in Binh Duong.
    • – There are also electrical appliances, interior decoration, stationery, ... to help customers buy all necessary items in the home.
    • The 2nd Floor – Siêu thị Bách hóa tổng hợp