Employee Policy

Employee Policy

The Human factor plays the most important role in all activities of AEON Vietnam

The Human factor plays the most important role in all activities of AEON Vietnam. That is the reason why AEON offers a Working Environment with attractive compensation and career development opportunities.

Our AEON people are open, sincere, and willing to welcome new things and always sincerely, interested in everyone. In addition, AEON people are always facilitated to participate in coordinated projects among many departments as well as work with colleagues around the world.

Working at AEON, you will be able to develop your maximum capacity, constantly create and challenge yourself through many different opportunities. We always try our best to constantly bring AEON staff to become a strong team in the Group.

Thanks to those efforts, in 2017, AEON Vietnam was rated as one of the “100 Best Places to Work in Vietnam” according to Anphabe's Survey. By 2019, AEON Vietnam continued to be honored as "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" by the prestigious HR Asia magazine.

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At AEON, we offer many opportunities for you to explore yourself. Learn more about AEON Culture, where we uphold the action principle of "All for customers", innovation, and pursuit of peace through prosperity and sustainable development.

AEON always strives to bring customers "Peace of mind" and "Trust" in daily life, uphold the philosophy of "All for customers" together with 03 Core Values: Peace, People and Community. This is also a guideline for all activities at AEON. AEON's mission is to actively contribute to customers' lifestyle.

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AEON Basic Principle;

AEON Code of Conduct

What do AEON Leaders do?

We focus on driving the Company to grow, create more value and inspire consumers. Each leader, with Skills and Specialization, always play an important role in all process chains from effective people management, purchase to operations and provision of the best quality products as well as reliable services to consumers.

Who are we looking for?

Great! At this moment, you have shown interest in exploring and want to experience new challenges.

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We are not looking for "Workers", we are looking for people who are passionate about knowledge and want to conquer challenges. For those who want to conquer higher ladders, open doors and cross the ocean, always accompany with the Organization, be passionate about quality, enjoy life and respect people, society and the planet.

Surprise us at the real interview! Tell us about you, about your Passions, Ambitions, Ability to Learn and Skills!

Leadership skills

We consider all of our Pioneers as Leaders.

The way that AEON people lead is what makes us become DIFFERENTIAL.

AEON people can connect with anyone around and constantly invest to develop others. AEON staff shapes the future, but at the same time bring great results every day. And one very important thing is that AEON people always performs what it has committed. AEON people are the standard example in implementing AEON's Principles of Action.

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Diversity & Integration

People are always the Center in all AEON activities!

We see our strength in trust, diversity and improvement. As the world's leading retail group, we leverage international talent and promote national culture, where diversity is fostered and growth opportunities are open to all. We always pursue values and respect the differences in knowledge, attitudes, experiences and working styles to attract the best talented human resources regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, characteristic, perception, religion, nationality or sexual diversity.

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Training and Development

Besides the policy of salary, bonus as well as periodic health care, AEON Vietnam attaches great importance to Human Training and Development. This is the philosophy of AEON and the greatest benefit that AEON commits to the entire team, ensures high motivation and long-term commitment. With the spirit of "incubation for growth", AEON believes that the most sustainable benefit of an employee is to be "grown up" and become a better version of himself, when choosing to stick with Enterprise that always honors learning and growth.

Especially, at AEON Vietnam, initial training is very focused. For new shopping malls, the Management team will be trained 01 year in advance and trained full-time the entire team 2 months before the opening. During the working process, you will be participating in training programs according to Occupations, Levels at home and abroad throughout the working process.

Not only training domestically, but AEON also facilitates staff to participate in training programs with young leaders in other countries as well as training in Japan under a 6-month or 1-3-year program. After participating in the training, you can bring new ideas to the Vietnamese market to serve Vietnamese consumers.

  • *Retail Trainee 1, 2, 3: from G1 to G4
  • *Coaching Culture: G4 and up
  • *AFL (AEON Future Leader): for fresh graduate
  • *Professional Training / Workshop by Japanese Experts: for G3 and up - MD Department (Merchandising Dept.)
  • *Hida - Training Program in Japan from 06 months to 01 year: training in Operations/Store industry
  • *Transfer Program between AEON Vietnam and AEON Japan: Work-Study Program
  • *Executive Training Program: 2-year Training Program
  • *Leadership Training Program (G4 and up): 06 modules of Leadership
  • *E-learning and other internal training programs.

AEON Vietnam encourages employees to learn and develop themselves through training programs in Japan and Southeast Asia