Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. 1. Introduce
    1. 1.1 AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) establishes and publishes this privacy policy as the way the Company explains to Users about the collection, use and protection of personal information of the users.
    2. 1.2 The Company recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and complying with the laws of Vietnam as well as the Company's internal regulations including this Privacy Policy and the Company strive to protect and handling User personal information.
    3. 1.3 The Company collects personal information through appropriate and legal means, and only to the extent necessary to achieve its intended use. The collection, use, disclosure or processing of other personal data will only be subject to relevant laws.
    4. 1.4 The Company specifies the purpose of collecting, using, disclosing or processing other personal information and to collect such information to the extent necessary. In the event that the purpose of collecting, using, disclosing or processing personal information is limited by relevant laws and regulations, the Company will not use such personal information beyond limits of relevant laws and regulations. Users can find details about the purpose of collecting, using, disclosing or processing personal information in this Privacy Policy.
  2. 2. Purpose and scope of information collection
    1. 2.1 The Company collects User Information mainly for the purpose of supporting, maintaining contact with Users, answering questions of Users related to Company information.;

      User information that the Company will collect includes:

      • a) Full name;
      • b) Phone number;
      • c) Email.
    2. 2.2 With respect to the scope of Information collection mentioned in this Privacy Policy, the User has the option of providing or refusing to provide Information to the Company.
  3. 3. Data retention period

    The Company retains the User's personal information as long as it is deemed necessary for the purpose for which it was collected and used as set forth in this Privacy Policy. The criteria used to determine the Company's retention period include:

    1. 3.1 Company retains personal information throughout the period the Company has an ongoing relationship with Users and provides information to Users;
    2. 3.2 The Company may retain personal information for a longer period as necessary to comply with applicable laws or to comply with the provisions of law;
    3. 3.3 Company establishes, complies with or exercises rights to legal claims or protects the Company against legal claims;
    4. 3.4 The Company complies with the Company's own internal policies and regulations.
  4. 4. Data security measures
    1. 4.1 The Company does not disclose personal information to any third party, except where the relevant person has pre-approved the such matter or when disclosing personal information is based on the law and as required by the competent state authority.
    2. 4.2 The Company implements appropriate security measures to prevent illegal data theft, access, use, alter, modify or disclose personal information.
    3. 4.3 The Company considers the content of this Privacy Policy to be necessary and strives to implement continual improvement such as the Company's systems and approaches to protect the User's personal information.
    4. 4.4 Company trains and communicates to Company managers and employees the importance of protecting User personal information to ensure that they treat User information in a proper manner.
  5. 5. Contact information

    If a User has any questions or concerns about the User's personal information protection, collection, use or disclosure or has any complaint, please contact the Company according to below information:

    AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd.

    Address: 30 Bo Bao Tan Thang, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City

    Tel: (033) 217 9797