CSR Policy


Tree planting activities

Operated since 2009, by February 2019, total amount of tree planted in Vietnam reach 99,839 trees.

(*The quantity of tree is calculated through Home Town Forest and other Tree planting activities of AEON Environmental Foundation).

“AEON Hometown forest” activity at AEON Mall Ha Dong

Sakura tree planting at Hoa Binh park, Ha Noi

Asia Youth Leader program

Operated since 2011, by December 2019, there has been 152 Vietnamese students joined the program with students from 10 Asian countries.

AYL 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam

AEON Scholarship

Operated since 2011, by December 2019, there have been 940 Vietnamese students in Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi city receiving support, with total granted amount of $818,000.

10 students from University of Social Sciences and Humanities – HCM National University, and 10 students from HCM University of Education received AEON scholarship in 2019

Plasic Free Community Project

Operated since September 2019, by December 2019, the Project have been achieved:

  • 100% shopping bag in GMS is Bio-plastic material;
  • Average Bio-plastic consumption per GMS reduce 2%;
  • Average Bio-plastic consumption per Customer reduce 5%.

(*) Compared to December 2018

Campaign “Less Plastic – More Health” to encourage Customers and AEON People using Own bag when shopping in GMS

PFC project kick-off event in the North, with the attendants of Ha Noi Department of Industry & Trade

AEON People of Ha Dong GMS attended the campaign “Less Plastic – More Health” by using AEON ECO Bag


With the Basic Principle “Pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customer's point view as its core”, AEON’s Code of conduct is to support local community growth and act as good corporate citizens in serving society.

Beside retail’s mission to meet customers’ ever-changing needs to bring daily peace-in-mind and trust; in long-term, AEON Vietnam aims to create Shared Values with local communities, in which all Stakeholders support and utilize each other resources for a sustainably developed future.

CSR direction of AEON Vietnam is set based on 3 key pillars:

Hoạt động CSR tại AEON Việt Nam dựa trên 3 trụ cột sau

1. Environment and Natural Resources Management

Reduce business impact on environment, in which 02 most concerned issues are Solid Waste and Emission.

Promote efficiency in using local natural resources in Business, invest in sustainable replacement solutions.

Monthly cleaning day run by AEON People

2. Community Engagement

Support to raise awareness and resolve social issue of local communities; join hand for local culture preservation.

Blood Donation program collaborating with local Red Cross

3. Youth Generation Nurturing

Nurture and develop future generation through Education activities to create positive impact for local society.

Annual English Eloquence Contest for Highschool, collaborating with Ho Chi Minh Department of Education & Training