Guidelines for offering new products

Guidelines for offering new products

Listing new products procedure includes 03 main steps as below:

  • Sending Document of new offer.

    Supplier send Document of new offers to email of relevant Merchandising Departments (MD). See detail of required documents of new offers and contact information below the flowchart.
  • Commercial & Quality Document Approval

    Merchandising Department check new offers and will contact Supplier within 14 working-days from the date of receiving eligible documents on the provision that products meet AEON's demand. After contacting, MD and supplier will process next steps about commercial agreement and product documents (if needed)
  • Informing result of listing new products.

    Result of listing new products will be informed to supplier by MD within 14 working-days from the date of adapting both conditions: Completed Required Document and two sides reached an Commercial Agreement.
  • Required documents of new offer

    • Supplier Portfolio:
      • Business Registration Certificate (Enterprise registration Certificate, Certificate of registration of cooperatives, Certificate of business household registration…);
      • Certificate of Tax Registration;
      • Authorization Letter (If any);
      • Company profile.
    • Products Portfolio:
      • Product Catalogue: Product name, Origin, Picture, Remarkable Points,…..;
      • For Suppliers are not Producers, direct Importer: supply Distributorship contract, Agency Agreement or Purchase Invoice issued by third party;
      • For goods which have exclusive trademark protected in Vietnam /or abroad: ensuring legal documents available for proving the compliance with the law on intellectual property during circulation on market.
    • Product List (Quotation):

      Quotation with barcode information (excel file is preferred ) + picture of products ( size should be 800*600 pixel up)

    • Quality Document of Product during circulation on market according to Viet Nam Regulation.

      Required quality document of every category: (Download here).

    • Regarding to Sample:

      Supplier send sample only when having confirmation from MD (unscheduled samples will be not processed). Methods of receiving samples will be finalized after discussion (by post office/or shipper/ or direct at office). Samples delivery only during office hours.

  • Contact for sending new offers

    Suppliers send required document mentioned in part A to contact email of relevant MDs. Detail of contact list of MDs -AEON VN: (Download here).